Professional Engagement

Take clients instructions regarding requirements of the project.Prepare basic Specification and details to explain the general requirement and approximate cost estimate.

Co- ordinate with Architects ,Contractors, Interior Designers and other Consultants in the respective field in planning, designing, estimates, approvals and recommendations of the project.

We will do the necessary project inspections, evaluations and will forward observation reports which will clearly state the infrastructure modifications, additions or alterations if required in the project

Functional Aspects and Facility Planning

Detailed evaluation of :-Designs , layouts , estimates and installation of equipments in the revenue producing departments and the operational areas of the Hotel.
Kitchen Designing , service layout, pantries, storing and issuing, staff facilities.

Selection of Equipments for Operational Phase

Suggestion for Kitchen equipments required for the specified style of restaurant and the Production style.

Assistance for the installation of Laundry Machines, Boilers , Water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, Kitchen hoods etc.

Preparation of operational requirements of linen, cutlery, crockery , glassware and other service equipments.

Direction in selection of suppliers and contracts and purchase specifications.

Assistance in Quality, product testing, cost control of materials, Stock records, Pricing.

Designing of Menu Cards for different restaurants, room service, bars, special Promotions etc. Preparation of Pricing policy, Language, and Sales Mix.


Assistance for the selection and training of new personnel according to the Star facilities offered by the hotel in consultation with the management.

Launching Plan
Menu trials and arrangements for the soft opening of the property


Assistance in preparation of application for Approval, Star classification ,
from New Delhi and Chennai
We will coordinate with the various Govt. Departments and other agencies involved in awarding Star Classification to the Project when it is operational.

We shall arrange for the inspection by the Classification Committee, Dept.of Tourism, Govt of India both for project and operational approval.

Direction for Additional Services

Assistance for the Documentation of import License and other licenses.
Directions for affiliation in leading chain of hotels , Hotels Federations and Associations.

Bar / Beer & Wine License Documentation
Preparation of all the documents for Bar license and the processing of the file in Excise and other Government departments

Finance Arrangements